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We compiled the frequently asked questions with answers here. We hope you are satisfied with the products and service we propose.

Most of your games are shareware. What does it mean?
It means that the download and the trial period of our games/Screensavers are free. If you test the game and you like it you should buy to play it forever.

I would like to purchase your product but I am afraid to use my credit card in the Internet.
There are no reasons to worry as all financial operations are conducted by the most trusted names in e-commerce and Web-based technology - RegNow, Esellerate, ShareIt. We do purchase through these companies ourselves!

I want to buy the game/screensaver but I do not have a credit card. as well as all our financial mediators proposes a lot of possibilities of payment: phone, fax, check, wire and other methods of payment. To find out more, please, click Buy me link at our site or inside the game and you will get the full information.

I have paid, what's now?
Just after your purchase is completed you will receive the letter with the necessary info (the link to the full version or the registration key). In case you fail to get it, , please.

I want to buy your product as a gift to my friend/relative. Is it possible?
Of course, fill the form; enter your billing info and his/her email address in the shipping info field. We are sure your friend or relative will be happy.

I have downloaded the game/screensaver but when I try to launch it the error "Missing d3d8.dll" appears.
It means that you do not have DirectX version 8 (this is the main system requirement for our products). You may download the last version of DirectX at free of charge.

What shall I do to buy beer for the bear from Arctic Bear Advanced Screensaver?
You should buy Screen Saver for only $14.95 and your bear will get beer and the sign will not disturb you any more. You needn't buy anything more. To obtain 3D Arctic Bear Advanced Screen Saver click here, please. Fill the form and you will receive the ScreenSaver full version - your bear will have beer and he will dance forever.

I did not find my question here.
Then do not hesitate and write to our friendly ,we work for you. We will be glad to receive your comments, suggestions and so on. But we do not like to get SPAM.
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